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As I promised Big Changes were coming, and I feel I am now ready to share the news with you all.

I have out grown blogger and have now switched to WordPress hosting on my own server and domain.

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Naumann To Governor Sebelius: STOP RECEIVING THE EUCHARIST!

Today, the Archbishop of Kansas City Kansas in his section of the Diocese news paper The Leaven, yet again reprimands Governor Sebelius for receiving communion at one of the Diocese parish's. He is pastoral, firm, and offers the gov'nr a chance to recant and repent. What more could a sinner ask for.

Please keep Archbishop Naumann in your prayers, as he is sure to come under attack for this latest action.

The full text is below:


Governor’s Veto Prompts Pastoral Action

On the day of my return (Monday, April 21) from the exhilarating experience of participating in Pope Benedict’s pastoral visit to the United States, I learned that Governor Kathleen Sebelius had vetoed the Comprehensive Abortion Reform Act (HS SB 389), which had been passed by significant majorities in both chambers of the Kansas Legislature. Last week, an attempt to override the governor’s veto failed in the Senate by two votes.

Governor Sebelius in her veto message claimed: “For years, the people of Kansas have asked their elected officials to move beyond legislative debates on issues like abortion.” From her veto message, I received the impression the governor considered it a waste of the Legislature’s time to pass a statute that attempts to protect some women by making certain they have the opportunity to be well-informed: 1) about the development of their unborn child; and 2) about abortion alternatives available to them. Evidently, the governor does not approve of legislators devoting energy to protecting children and women by making it possible to enforce existing Kansas laws regulating late-term abortions.

The governor’s veto message demonstrated a lack of respect to the members of the Kansas General Assembly who had carefully crafted and resoundingly passed the Comprehensive Abortion Reform Act, as well as to the many Kansans who find it more than an embarrassment, in no small part due to several previous vetoes by Governor Sebelius of earlier legislative efforts to regulate abortion clinics, that Kansas has become infamous for being the late-term abortion center for the Midwest.

What makes the governor’s rhetoric and actions even more troubling has been her acceptance of campaign contributions from Wichita’s Dr. George Tiller, perhaps the most notorious late-term abortionist in the nation. In addition to Dr. Tiller’s direct donations to her campaign, the governor has benefited from the Political Action Committees funded by Dr. Tiller to support pro-abortion candidates in Kansas.

In her veto message, the governor took credit for lower abortion rates in Kansas, citing her support for “adoption incentives, extended health services for pregnant women, providing sex education and offering a variety of support services for families.” Indeed, the governor and her administration should be commended for supporting adoption incentives and health services for pregnant women.

However, the governor overreaches by assuming credit for declining abortion rates in Kansas. Actually, lower abortion rates are part of a national trend. Our neighboring state of Missouri has actually had a steeper and longer decline in its abortion rate.

Governor Sebelius’ inclusion of public school sex education programs as a factor in the abortion rate decline is absurd. Actually, valueless sex education programs in public schools have been around for years, coinciding with increased sexual activity among adolescents, as well as increases in teen pregnancy and abortion. On the other hand, the governor does not acknowledge the significant impact of mass media education programs, such as those sponsored by the Vitae Caring Foundation, or the remarkable practical assistance provided by Crisis Pregnancy Centers which are funded through the generosity of pro-life Kansans.
What makes the governor’s actions and advocacy for legalized abortion, throughout her public career, even more painful for me is that she is Catholic. Sadly, Governor Sebelius is not unique in being a Catholic politician supporting legalized abortion.

Since becoming archbishop, I have met with Governor Sebelius several times over many months to discuss with her the grave spiritual and moral consequences of her public actions by which she has cooperated in the procurement of abortions performed in Kansas. My concern has been, as a pastor, both for the spiritual well-being of the governor but also for those who have been misled (scandalized) by her very public support for legalized abortion.
It has been my hope that through this dialogue the governor would come to understand her obligation: 1) to take the difficult political step, but necessary moral step, of repudiating her past actions in support of legalized abortion; and 2) in the future would use her exceptional leadership abilities to develop public policies extending the maximum legal protection possible to the unborn children of Kansas.

Having made every effort to inform and to persuade Governor Sebelius and after consultation with Bishop Ron Gilmore (Dodge City), Bishop Paul Coakley (Salina) and Bishop Michael Jackels (Wichita), I wrote the governor last August requesting that she refrain from presenting herself for reception of the Eucharist until she had acknowledged the error of her past positions, made a worthy sacramental confession and taken the necessary steps for amendment of her life which would include a public repudiation of her previous efforts and actions in support of laws and policies sanctioning abortion.

Recently, it came to my attention that the governor had received holy Communion at one of our parishes. I have written to her again, asking her to respect my previous request and not require from me any additional pastoral actions.

The governor has spoken to me on more than one occasion about her obligation to uphold state and federal laws and court decisions. I have asked her to show a similar sense of obligation to honor divine law and the laws, teaching and legitimate authority within the church.
I have not made lightly this request of Governor Sebelius, but only after much prayer and reflection. The spiritually lethal message, communicated by our governor, as well as many other high profile Catholics in public life, has been in effect: “The church’s teaching on abortion is optional!”

I reissue my request of the faithful of the archdiocese to pray for Governor Sebelius. I hope that my request of the governor, not to present herself for holy Communion, will provoke her to reconsider the serious spiritual and moral consequences of her past and present actions. At the same time, I pray this pastoral action on my part will help alert other Catholics to the moral gravity of participating in and/or cooperating with the performance of abortions.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Changes are Coming

Big Changes are Coming for this Blog.

Stay Tuned

St. Christopher Ora Pro Nobis

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Traditional Sick Call Box

Today I bought a traditional Sick call box, growing up my grandmother had one that had been passed down to her from her father, that looks EXACTLY like this one. Her's was not as complete as the one I purchased today.

Below are some photos of this wonderful item, The only item I added to the kit so far has been the small Crucifix, that I had got earlier this week at the Goodwill for $0.50

Sick Call Box

Sick Call Box

Sick Call Box

I suggest every Catholic have a sick call kit for their home, it could be as simple as a few items stored in a shoe box for when the priest comes, Fisheaters has some great info on this:

For a regular sick call (i.e., one that doesn't include Unction), call your priest and, when he comes, remember that he will be bringing the Blessed Sacrament, the very Body of Christ. Men should remove any headcoverings, while women should cover their heads, and the house should be prepared accordingly. Now prepare the sick room itself:

  • Set up a table near the bed in a place where the sick person can see it, and cover it with a white cloth.
  • Place on the table the crucifix with a lit blessed candle on each side, a dish of holy water, a piece of palm (if you have some) that the priest can use to spinkle the holy water, and a dish of regular water. Some families include a small bell that the priest or sick person rings after Confession is complete (if Confession is received) to summon the family back into the room.
  • Lay a linen cloth across the breast of the sick person.

Friday, April 25, 2008

First Things / D.C. Papal Mass

Fr. Richard Neuhaus , that co anchored the papal visit with Raymond Arroyo on EWTN has an excellent post about the papal mass in Washington DC.

I will post just a snippet, I highly suggest reading his work, he is a very smart priest, based on his latest post, he really understands the need and the want of the "Reform of the Reform"

I do not wish to be too hard on those who planned the celebration at Nationals Park. It was, sad to say, not unrepresentative of much Catholic worship in our time. The planners and the performers no doubt meant well, but it is worthy of remark that at a papal Mass there was so much that reflected an ignorance of, or defiance of, the very considered views of the pope.
You can read the entire post here :

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Pope is in town - My thoughts on the Mass today

Hey, did anyone hear? The Holy Father is in town, and He held a Huge Mass in the ordinary form in Washington D.C. today. I have been watching the Pontiffs trip very closely and was impressed with the Solemn Vespers last night but was left wanting after todays Mass.

I have had the privilege to be in the presence of Pope John Paul II during world youth day's 1993 and 2000 and in 1999 when he came to St. Louis. I would like to offer my readers my feelings of participating in an overpopulated open air Mass that resembles what we saw today.

Right away I would like to point out that just watching the Mass today it seemed MUCH more respectful and a bit more reverent than the Mass' I participated at. In an open air mass the sense of reverence and sacred are lacking, partially due to the fact that we are in a stadium, that we are surrounded by thousands upon thousands - or in the case of Rome in 2000 MILLIONS of people. It is unavoidable to be distracted and the situation has turned into somewhat of a novelty, kneeling can be impaired and weather has played a factor as well.

Sight lines, distance, and noise impedes my concetration on the word and of the sacrifice. Also as pointed out today the music for the liturgy today as in most massive liturgies are not usually considered "Sacred Music".

I think large liturgical celebrations can be done respectfully and reverently but they are far and few between, the larger the crowd the worse it gets, perhaps there could be a limit set on these in the future - of course when Rome calls to ask me my opinion, you will know where I stand.

Monday, April 14, 2008

FSSP / Una Voce Continues Summer Training Classes

This Came across today:

FSSP announces summer training programs in the
Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite

including dedicated program for Sung/Solemn Mass

DENTON, Nebraska - April 14, 2008 - The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, in collaboration with

Una Voce International, is pleased to announce two additional summer training programs in the

Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, including a comprehensive training course on Sung and

Solemn Mass.

Two weeklong training courses will be offered in June 2008. The first on the ceremony of Low

Mass from Monday June 16 through Friday June 20; and the second on the ceremonies of

Sung and Solemn Mass from Monday June 23 through Friday June 27.

Each workshop comprises five days of classroom sessions, a comprehensive demonstration and

explanation of the rubrics, practical hands-on instruction, and includes a full set of training

materials. Both workshops will be held at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Denton,


Priests may attend just the Low Mass workshop for $300.00, or just the Sung Mass workshop for

$250.00, or attend both for $500.00. These costs cover all meals, room and board at the

seminary, classroom seminars, individual instruction, and a complete packet of training

materials. Una Voce provides funding for those needing financial assistance. Contact Una Voce

America, c/o Mr. Jason King, PO Box 1146, Bellevue, WA. 98009-1146.

Please visit for more information and to download a Workshop

Registration form. Note that spaces are limited and will be allocated on a "first come, first serve"


About the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter

Established in 1988 by Pope John Paul II, the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter is an international

society of Catholic priests entrusted with the preservation and administration of the Catholic

Church's ancient Latin liturgical traditions. Over 120 seminarians are preparing for the

priesthood in the Fraternity's two seminaries in Bavaria, Germany and Denton, Nebraska

This is awesome, I wonder if WolfTracker will try sponsoring another priest from the area.

That reminds me that my Summorum Pontificum Kit is still available to any local area priest that contacts me at lostlambs (at) chillplace (dot) net

Help Spread the word of all these resources to learn the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite

Thursday, April 10, 2008

St. Marys Catholic Church - Newton Kansas

Here are a few pictures I took of the parish I grew up in and went to school at.

St. Mary's Catholic Church - Newton Kansas











Monday, April 7, 2008

Most Precious Blood of Jesus

Most Precious Blood Of Jesus Wash over me a poor sinner

This Litany in honor of Jesus in His Most Precious Blood was drawn up by the Sacred
Congregation of Rites and promulgated by Pope John XXIII on February 24, 1960. The
devotion to Jesus in His most Precious Blood was first popularized by St. Gaspar del
Bufalo (1786-1837, feast Dec. 28) who founded the Missioners of the Most Precious
Blood. A partial indulgence is granted to the faithful who recite this litany.

Kyrie, eleison Kyrie, eleison.
Christe, eleison Christe, eleison.
Kyrie, eleison Kyrie, eleison.

Christe, audi nos Christe, audi nos.
Christe, exaudi nos. Christe, exaudi nos.

Pater de caelis, Deus, miserere nobis.
Fili, Redemptor mundi, Deus, miserere nobis.
Spiritus Sancte, Deus, miserere nobis.
Sancta Trinitas, unus Deus, miserere nobis.

Sanguis Christi, Unigeniti Patris aeterni, salva nos.
Sanguis Christi, Verbi Dei incarnati, salva nos.
Sanguis Christi, Novi et Aeterni Testamenti, salva nos.

Sanguis Christi, in agonia decurrens in terram, salva nos.
Sanguis Christi, in flagellatione profluens, salva nos.
Sanguis Christi, in coronatione spinarum emanans, salva nos.

Sanguis Christi, in Cruce effusus, salva nos.
Sanguis Christi, pretium nostrae salutis, salva nos.
Sanguis Christi, sine quo non fit remissio, salva nos.

Sanguis Christi, in Eucharistia potus et lavacrum animarum, salva nos.
Sanguis Christi, flumen misericordiae, salva nos.
Sanguis Christi, victor daemonum, salva nos.

Sanguis Christi, fortitudo martyrum, salva nos.
Sanguis Christi, virtus confessorum, salva nos.
Sanguis Christi, germinans virgines, salva nos.

Sanguis Christi, robur periclitantium, salva nos.
Sanguis Christi, levamen laborantium, salva nos.
Sanguis Christi, in fletu solatium, salva nos.

Sanguis Christi, spes poenitentium, salva nos.
Sanguis Christi, solamen morientium, salva nos.
Sanguis Christi, pax et dulcedo cordium, salva nos.

Sanguis Christi, pignus vitae aeternae, salva nos.
Sanguis Christi, animas liberans de lacu Purgatorii, salva nos.
Sanguis Christi, omni gloria et honore dignissimus, salva nos.

Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, parce nobis, Domine.
Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, exaudi nos, Domine.
Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis, Domine.

V. redimisti nos, Domine, in sanguine tuo.
R. Et fecisti nos Deo nostro regnum.


Omnipotens sempiterne Deus, qui unigenitum Filium tuum mundi Redemptorem
constituisti, ac eius sanguine placari voluisti: concede, quaesumus, salutis nostrae
pretium ita venerari, atque a praesentis vitae malis eius virtute defendi in terris, ut
fructu perpetuo laetemur in caelis. Per eundem Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.

Lord, have mercy. Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy. Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy. Lord, have mercy.

Christ, hear us. Christ, hear us.
Christ, graciously hear us. Christ, graciously hear us.

God the Father of Heaven, have mercy on us.
God the Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy on us.
God, the Holy Spirit, have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, One God, have mercy on us.

Blood of Christ, only-begotten Son of the eternal Father, save us.
Blood of Christ, Incarnate Word or God, save us.
Blood of Christ, of the New and Eternal Testament, save us.

Blood of Christ, falling upon the earth in Agony, save us.
Blood of Christ, shed profusely in the Scourging, save us.
Blood of Christ, flowing forth in the Crowning with Thorns, save us.

Blood of Christ, poured out on the Cross, save us.
Blood of Christ, price of our salvation, save us.
Blood of Christ, without which there is no forgiveness, save us.

Blood of Christ, Eucharistic drink and refreshment of souls, save us.
Blood of Christ, stream of mercy, save us.
Blood of Christ, victor over demons, save us.

Blood of Christ, courage of Martyrs, save us.
Blood of Christ, strength of Confessors, save us.
Blood of Christ, bringing forth Virgins, save us.

Blood of Christ, help of those in peril, save us.
Blood of Christ, relief of the burdened, save us.
Blood of Christ, solace in sorrow, save us.

Blood of Christ, hope of the penitent, save us.
Blood of Christ, consolation of the dying, save us.
Blood of Christ, peace and tenderness of hearts, save us.

Blood of Christ, pledge of eternal life, save us.
Blood of Christ, freeing souls from purgatory, save us.
Blood of Christ, most worthy of all glory and honor, save us.

Lamb of God, who taketh away the sins of the world, spare us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, who taketh away the sins of the world, graciously hear us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, who taketh away the sins of the world, have mercy on us, O Lord.

V. Thou hast redeemed us, O Lord, in Thy Blood.
R. And made us, for our God, a kingdom.

Let us pray;
Almighty and eternal God, Thou hast appointed Thine only-begotten Son the Redeemer
of the world and willed to be appeased by his blood. Grant, we beg of Thee, that we
may worthily adore this price of our salvation and through its power be safeguarded
from the evils of the present life so that we may rejoice in its fruits forever in heaven.
Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

L.L.L.L = Lost Lambs Lending Library


Above is a photo of Bishop Finn Celebrating his first mass in the Extraordinary Form, Bishop Finn prayed the mass in gratitude of the Holy Father's Motu Proprio "Summorum Pontificum"

Other Bishops and priests have sought out the resources to learn how to pray this Extraordinary Form of the mass, this is where the Lost Lambs Lending Library hopes to help.

I am currently offering to lend to any Priest in the Kansas City Area some very helpful materials to learn how to pray the mass.

The Lost Lambs Lending Library
"Summorum Pontificum Kit"
1- Set of 3 books:
The Celebration of Mass I: General Rubrics of the Missal
The Celebration of Mass II: The Rite of Celebration of Low Mass
The Celebration of Mass III: The Rite of High Mass and Sung Mass
(By Rev. J. O'Connell)

1- Book:The Sacred Ceremonies of Low Mass (By Rev. Felix Zualdi, C.M.)
1 -Book: The Splendour Of the Liturgy (By Maurice Zundel)
1 -DVD: The Most Beautiful thing this side of Heaven - The Rubrics of the 1962 Missal
(you may see this link: for more info about this DVD)

I will lend these materials to any Priest in the KC Area that requests them - FREE OF CHARGE all they must do is contact me for the final details at: lostlambs[AT]

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vidi Aquam

Vidi Aquam

The Vidi Aquam as many may or may not know is the song for the rite of sprinkling of water before the High Mass on Sunday during the Easter season.

For some reason I can not get the Vidi Aquam chant out of my head.

I sing it day and night, it echoes through my brain

Vidi aquam egredientem de templo,
a latere dextro, alleluia:
et omnes, ad quos pervenit aqua ista,
salvi facti sunt, et dicent, alleluia, alleluia.

V. Confitemini Domino quoniam bonus:
R. Quoniam in saeculum misericordia eius.

V. Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto:
R. Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper,
et in saecula saculorum. Amen.

You can listen to this beautiful chant below:

Monday, March 24, 2008

He is Risen!

Happy Pasch everyone

Its been a interesting lent and I took a blogging break things are gearing up around here getting ready for baby #3 Seen to the left

Also here are some quick Pictures/Links of my local travels:



(note: Prayer at the location above was abruptly interrupted by a Loud Rock band playing from the basement)



We Also checked out the Ligurgy of St. Gregory at a local Orthdox parish for educational purposes.

We also prayed a very reverent Novus Ordo (as last time See old Post) where Greek was sung, incense was used, some latin including communion given in latin.

There were also rumors of a very nice liturgy of the presanctified on Good Friday at the St. Lawrence Catholic campus center in Lawrence. Including the prostration at the beginning of mass and latin used as well.

Holy Thursday was celebrated beautifully -as always - at Old St. Patrick's Oratory.

With the Solemnities of Solemnities upon us I have an urge to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his one true Church to other Ecclesiastic Communities , sitting down and talking scripture and prayer for their conversion, but of course with this feeling to spread the word about the Catholic church it is not without some reservation, as I have never really gone and knocked on doors for the faith so any suggestions would be helpful.

and last but not least I have come into some interesting books recently if anyone has any feedback on these titles put them in the combox.

Book Titles:

The Celebration of Mass I: General Rubrics of the Missal
The Celebration of Mass II: The Rite of Celebration of Low Mass
The Celebration of Mass III: The Rite of High Mass and Sung Mass
(By Rev. J. O'Connell)
The Sacred Ceremonies of Low Mass (By Rev. Felix Zualdi, C.M.)
The Splendour Of the Liturgy (By Maurice Zundel)

and a few others.

I will try and post more frequently also have another church to post so look for it soon.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Visit to Mount St. Mary's Seminary

Hello from Baltimore Maryland, As stated in my last post I have been sent out east for travel, now there are many sights to see and places to visit in this area but with my work schedule I have been limited as far as being a Tourist goes.

There is a good friend of mine whom I have known since Kindergarten whom is enrolled in his second year of theology at Mount St. Mary's Seminary and that is located in Emmittsburg MD. About 15min from the Pennsylvania Border. Since I was in the area about an hour away I decided to go pay my friend a visit for the first time in about Six years.

At the Mount I spoke with the Monsignor who was the rector, and we spoke of Catholic things, and the Moto Proprio, he said that he plans to start praying the traditional mass next semester so the students can see it and feel it, he said he would train any man who's bishop requested them to be trained in the extraordinary form, I find this interesting in light of THIS recent letter from the Pontifical commission Ecclesia Dei. But over all the Seminary was very good and Orthodox, I suppose it must be since Bishop Bruskewitz would send his men there.

Below are some pictures from "The Mount" As its called. I'm sorry they are not better but it was the best I can do at night












Please pray for these fine young men that the Good lord will make them the best Priests that they can be and be the men that we deserve.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Holy Name - Winfield Kansas

Sorry for the Delay in posting my new job has kept my busy and has sent me yet on another trip. This time to the home of the former Crayola Crayon Factory town of Winfield Kansas.

This town is also home to Holy Name Catholic Church one of the prettiest parishes I have seen. The Parish is holding a 40 Hours Devotion starting on 02/15/2008

I stopped by in the morning before work to take the Exterior shots as by the time I got off work it would be too Dark.




When I returned after work the Church was completely Empty, and pitch black.


I kneel at the communion rail in silence, in darkness and prayed the rosary, I Prayed the sorrowful mysteries, The stained Glass windows around the curve of the sanctuary gave me an image for my eyes to gaze upon for each mystery.


Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00pm there is a Mass held for the workers of Winfield in on the side altar .


Father Bernard Gorges (yes.. THAT Fr. Bernard Gorges who founded and started Totus Tuus) arrived in Cassock and Said the Mass, he was nice to put all the Lights on so I could snap a few quick shots for you.



Station XII






After Mass, I spoke with Fr. Gorges, he invited me to come listen to him start his first of 5 Sessions on "Spe Salvi", and he gave me some great insight and has encouraged me to finish reading the entire letter.

Please Pray for Fr. Gorges he is a Good and Holy Priest.

Next week... To Washington D.C.