Thursday, April 3, 2008

L.L.L.L = Lost Lambs Lending Library


Above is a photo of Bishop Finn Celebrating his first mass in the Extraordinary Form, Bishop Finn prayed the mass in gratitude of the Holy Father's Motu Proprio "Summorum Pontificum"

Other Bishops and priests have sought out the resources to learn how to pray this Extraordinary Form of the mass, this is where the Lost Lambs Lending Library hopes to help.

I am currently offering to lend to any Priest in the Kansas City Area some very helpful materials to learn how to pray the mass.

The Lost Lambs Lending Library
"Summorum Pontificum Kit"
1- Set of 3 books:
The Celebration of Mass I: General Rubrics of the Missal
The Celebration of Mass II: The Rite of Celebration of Low Mass
The Celebration of Mass III: The Rite of High Mass and Sung Mass
(By Rev. J. O'Connell)

1- Book:The Sacred Ceremonies of Low Mass (By Rev. Felix Zualdi, C.M.)
1 -Book: The Splendour Of the Liturgy (By Maurice Zundel)
1 -DVD: The Most Beautiful thing this side of Heaven - The Rubrics of the 1962 Missal
(you may see this link: for more info about this DVD)

I will lend these materials to any Priest in the KC Area that requests them - FREE OF CHARGE all they must do is contact me for the final details at: lostlambs[AT]

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