Wednesday, June 20, 2007

ICRSS Ordination St Louis MO Part 2

Once again..

I present to you

The continuation of the Ordination

Part 2 the final part to this wonderful liturgy


Principium unitatis said...


Thank you very much for these videos. I was there at the ordination and I really enjoyed it. I wonder if you have the litany to the saints on video. If so, would you be so kind as to upload that as well? It was the most beautiful litany to the saints I have ever heard. Thank you.

- Bryan

Christopher said...


Included in Part 1 of the video is a small scene from the Litany,it starts about 35.5Min in the first video I posted. Unfortunately I cut most for time and also my lack of having a missal during the litany results in me butchering the response on the video, If you would like to listen to a beautiful litany Send me an email to : lostlambs [at] chillplace [dot] net

and I will get back to you with something.

God Bless