Monday, March 24, 2008

He is Risen!

Happy Pasch everyone

Its been a interesting lent and I took a blogging break things are gearing up around here getting ready for baby #3 Seen to the left

Also here are some quick Pictures/Links of my local travels:



(note: Prayer at the location above was abruptly interrupted by a Loud Rock band playing from the basement)



We Also checked out the Ligurgy of St. Gregory at a local Orthdox parish for educational purposes.

We also prayed a very reverent Novus Ordo (as last time See old Post) where Greek was sung, incense was used, some latin including communion given in latin.

There were also rumors of a very nice liturgy of the presanctified on Good Friday at the St. Lawrence Catholic campus center in Lawrence. Including the prostration at the beginning of mass and latin used as well.

Holy Thursday was celebrated beautifully -as always - at Old St. Patrick's Oratory.

With the Solemnities of Solemnities upon us I have an urge to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his one true Church to other Ecclesiastic Communities , sitting down and talking scripture and prayer for their conversion, but of course with this feeling to spread the word about the Catholic church it is not without some reservation, as I have never really gone and knocked on doors for the faith so any suggestions would be helpful.

and last but not least I have come into some interesting books recently if anyone has any feedback on these titles put them in the combox.

Book Titles:

The Celebration of Mass I: General Rubrics of the Missal
The Celebration of Mass II: The Rite of Celebration of Low Mass
The Celebration of Mass III: The Rite of High Mass and Sung Mass
(By Rev. J. O'Connell)
The Sacred Ceremonies of Low Mass (By Rev. Felix Zualdi, C.M.)
The Splendour Of the Liturgy (By Maurice Zundel)

and a few others.

I will try and post more frequently also have another church to post so look for it soon.


JrJayhawk said...

Just an F.Y.I. --- IF (at present I am not) IF I had to jump ship and join the Orthodox Church I would link up with the Antiochian Jurisdiction. It is the other Sea of St. Peter. That and I am a friend of His Grace Bishop Basile. Ok just my 2 centovos....


Hang in there....

JrJayhawk said...

IF that wasn't an option then I would leave all together and become a Buddist. Study Gung Fu and kick some major ass.....

Ok. That's it for now.


Christopher said...


Now thats just too Ecumenical for my taste