Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Traditional Sick Call Box

Today I bought a traditional Sick call box, growing up my grandmother had one that had been passed down to her from her father, that looks EXACTLY like this one. Her's was not as complete as the one I purchased today.

Below are some photos of this wonderful item, The only item I added to the kit so far has been the small Crucifix, that I had got earlier this week at the Goodwill for $0.50

Sick Call Box

Sick Call Box

Sick Call Box

I suggest every Catholic have a sick call kit for their home, it could be as simple as a few items stored in a shoe box for when the priest comes, Fisheaters has some great info on this:

For a regular sick call (i.e., one that doesn't include Unction), call your priest and, when he comes, remember that he will be bringing the Blessed Sacrament, the very Body of Christ. Men should remove any headcoverings, while women should cover their heads, and the house should be prepared accordingly. Now prepare the sick room itself:

  • Set up a table near the bed in a place where the sick person can see it, and cover it with a white cloth.
  • Place on the table the crucifix with a lit blessed candle on each side, a dish of holy water, a piece of palm (if you have some) that the priest can use to spinkle the holy water, and a dish of regular water. Some families include a small bell that the priest or sick person rings after Confession is complete (if Confession is received) to summon the family back into the room.
  • Lay a linen cloth across the breast of the sick person.

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