Friday, April 25, 2008

First Things / D.C. Papal Mass

Fr. Richard Neuhaus , that co anchored the papal visit with Raymond Arroyo on EWTN has an excellent post about the papal mass in Washington DC.

I will post just a snippet, I highly suggest reading his work, he is a very smart priest, based on his latest post, he really understands the need and the want of the "Reform of the Reform"

I do not wish to be too hard on those who planned the celebration at Nationals Park. It was, sad to say, not unrepresentative of much Catholic worship in our time. The planners and the performers no doubt meant well, but it is worthy of remark that at a papal Mass there was so much that reflected an ignorance of, or defiance of, the very considered views of the pope.
You can read the entire post here :

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mercyonviews said...

As far as the musical selections at the Washington Mass..I would agree if it was in "sacred space". The music presented in places that were "sacred space"were Liturgically correct. They wanted the 45,000 pilgrims to be able to participate and the classical forum would have been impossible to participate. Look at the World Youth Day Masses and the types of music presented in outdoor arenas. The Pope sent a letter complimenting The Washington Achdioese for a very Spiritual Mass, which included high comments for the Music. I think the Mercy of God, should extend outward to all.