Saturday, June 30, 2007


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Romanian bishop: Eastern Catholics are a ‘despised minority’

This is quite an interesting story I found linked on the C.A. Forum
Bishop Botean gave a very good talk on the Schism between East and West here is a line that I particularly took note of....

Acknowledging that “ultimately it is God who has to bring about this unity,” Bishop Botean said, “God has his own plan. But maybe we have something that we have to do to cooperate in whatever God’s plan is. In any event, if it is our fault and we reach the year 2054 and have to look at each other [Orthodox and Catholics] from across a divided faith…as two separate churches, we will have nothing to say but ‘shame on us’ for allowing it to last for a thousand years.”
The Full Article is found here:Diocese Of Youngstown

A good prayer also found posted via the CA Forums was this:

O Merciful Lord Jesus, Our Savior, hear the prayers and petitions of Your unworthy sinful servants who humbly call upon You and make us all to be one in Your one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church. Flood our souls with Your unquenchable light. Put an end to religious disagreements, and grant that we Your disciples and Your beloved children may all worship You with a single heart and voice. Fulfill quickly, O grace-giving Lord, your promise that there shall be one flock and one Divine Shepherd of Your Church; and may we be made worthy to glorify Your Holy Name now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

-prayer for unity by Blessed Leonid Feodorov

Monday, June 25, 2007

Back In the Fold

This past Saturday a very Special event took place for our family, My wife and I entered into the fullness of the Sacrament of Marriage, we completed our marriage convaildation, we were most blessed to complete the ceremony in the pre- Vatican II rite of marriage.

It was a very small ceremony that took place at the altar rail before Saturday morning Low Mass

The only thing left now is to make a good confession so that we may be welcome to Eat our Lord Jesus Christ- Body, Blood, Soul, And Divinity once again.

After the blessing, I immediately felt as if a HUGE weight had been lifted up off my shoulders and I felt my heart fill with something that I had not felt in a very very long time.

I also received a very interesting book as a Gift- " The Catholic Marriage Manual" by Rev. George Kelly Published 1958 - Seems Full of good information and advise, and I may give some excerpts in the future.

Thank you everyone for your prayers-

This Lost Lamb is almost completely back in the Shepard's Arms

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

ICRSS Ordination St Louis MO Part 2

Once again..

I present to you

The continuation of the Ordination

Part 2 the final part to this wonderful liturgy

Monday, June 18, 2007

Rumor: New ICRSS Location

With the ordination of the new Institute Priest's This Blogger has heard a rumor that Fr. Talarico will be sent to St. Anthony of Padua Chapel in West Orange, NJ.

This is a Unconfirmed Rumor, Fr. Talarico did tell me that he was headed to the east coast but did not tell me where, he said it was not "Official" Yet, but if this rumor is true this is another awesome step.

Now where is that Motu Proprio.........

A Reader of this blog Contacted me and gave me some more info:
I was reading your blog from Monday. I'm a parishoner at St. Anthony's in West Orange, NJ. The rumors you have heard are true. The announcement was officially made last weekend at Mass. Fr. Andreas Hellman is coming to assist with Masses in July. Fr. Talarico will be visiting in late July and coming permanently in September to serve as rector

Video for ICRSS Ordination PART 1

I am not a Professional Video Dude
I am not a member of the choir, and also partially known to be tone deaf,
there are also parts of the video that I forgot my missal and was somewhat off track

if you can drudge through these things Please enjoy PART 1 of the Ordination Video that took place last Friday.

God Bless you

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pictures First Mass of Father Avis and Reception

I hope These Pictures of Father Avis' First Mass Speak for themselfs

Saturday, June 16, 2007

ICRSS Ordination in St. Louis

God has graced us with the special privilege of being able to attend the Ordinations at the Cathedral Basilica in St Louis and the First Mass' at St. Francis De Sales Oratory,

The ceremony was one of the most solemn occasions I have ever witnessed and I hope to share it with you, my brothers and sisters in Christ through the use of modern technology.

First Some Quick Pictures, sorry about the quality as I had to take them with my cell phone as our regular digital camera was dead. I had re-charged the batteries the night before but it looks as if they did not want to stay charged so the Phone camera was my only option.

I did Video tape ALMOST the entire Ordination and will post the video upon my return to the KC metro area. And could make DVD's if there is enough interest

We did not get to stay for the reception after the Mass as we had a flat tire and had to get it fixed before dark.

the first pictures are of the ICRSS - Institute Of Christ the King Sovereign Priest - Ordination's in St Louis followed by a few of one of the First Mass'

Video to come in the up coming days after I return.

Before the Ordination

During the Mass
The Laying of Hands

First Mass
Monsignor R. Michael Schmitz, the U.S. Provincial of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest Gives a REALLY REALLY REALLY!! Good Sermon ( did I say it was REALLY good?)
"Official" Picture After the First Mass

Additionally These other very Fine Blogs also have Pictures of the GLORIOUS event:

Kansas City Catholic: Archbishop Burke of Saint Louis, MO, Ordains Two ICRSS Priests, June 15, 2007

St. Louis Catholic

Rome of the West

I am home now and have started the video process

Stay tuned

Thursday, June 14, 2007

See you in Saint Louis

If I dont see you in St. Louis, I will see you when I return, I promise to have pictures and videos when I return.

Until Then May God Bless you and Keep you close to his heart now and forever!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

A Place where we belong

It seems that most of those whom wish to follow Traditional Catholicism have encountered a roadblock or brick wall in regards to family members understanding our commitment to our faith,
just this morning My mother In Law informed my wife that " even if we didn't go to church that Jesus would still love us" , I'm sure that My mother in law is glad she did not say that to me.

Unfortunately this woman (my mother in law) is another topic for another time as I truly wish to avoid backbiting, but this problem seems all too common to those that wish to remain faithful to the Magestrium of the Church. Another Case in point is Augusta's Post-Beaten Down-, she has experienced some of the same rebuke from her family, although she is a convert this kind of angst is found in cradle Catholics such as myself and my wife.

Well, as we connect more and more with fellow parishioners we find this sense of unity that is sometimes lacking from even our own family. I feel it is much more than just a coming together of like minded individuals but rather a true gathering of members of the body of Christ, the Holy Spirit connects us to each other and we FEEL IT connecting to the depths of our soul. Its amazing what can happen when you really set yourself aside and let God use you to do his work, yes you will encounter those that will rebuke you and those that will ridicule but when you come out on the other side you will really find a place where you belong.

Friday, June 8, 2007

The Bigger Picture

As Most of you know, the Holy Father just left Brazil, after meeting with anyone thats a "Someone" down there, Also as most of you know the Holy Father had once again stressed the church's teachings on Abortion and Contraception.

What I don't understand is how two faced these "Somebodys" are, how the president could welcome our Pope with open arms then turn around and provide birth control at $0.20 a pill. If you are going to provide such an atrocity for women such as birth control why not be upfront to the pope about it, why smile and but the facade on of the country being in union with Rome.

Most recently Brazil's famous Model - Gisele Had a few Choice Words for our pontiff and those who follow him SOURCE:

SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Supermodel Gisele Bundchen stepped into the debate over birth control and sexual behavior in Brazil on Tuesday, saying Church opposition to condom use was ridiculous and women should have the right to choose on abortion.

Gisele is idolized by many young women in Brazil, the world's largest Roman Catholic country, where debate over sexual issues has intensified around a visit by
Pope Benedict last month.

The Pope stressed the Church's firm opposition to abortion and contraception and railed against sex outside of marriage.

The Brazilian beauty, one of the world's top models, told Folha de S.Paulo newspaper in an interview that when the Church made its laws centuries ago, women were expected to be virgins.

"Today no one is a virgin when they get married ... show me someone who's a virgin!" she said.

Asked about abortion, she said a woman should have the right to choose what is best for her.

"If she thinks she doesn't have the money or the emotional condition to raise a child, why should she give birth?"

Gisele, who had just arrived from New York to take part in Rio de Janeiro's Fashion Week, also defended condom use.

"It's ridiculous to ban contraceptives -- you only have to think of the diseases that are transmitted without them. I think it should be compulsory to use a contraceptive."

The Brazilian government has clashed with the church over anti-
AIDS programs in which it distributes millions of free condoms and Health Minister Jose Temporao has called for a national referendum on abortion.

Other Brazilian celebrities have fallen foul of the
Vatican over sex issues. Singer Daniela Mercury was banned from performing at a Vatican Christmas concert in 2005 because she took part in a campaign promoting condom use to prevent AIDS.

She denied rumors she was pregnant.

"Of course I want to have a family in the future. But not at this moment."

I think Gisele proved why shes a Model and not in lawmaking, the fact of the matter is that maybe no one is a virgin when they get married, but thats a problem, why condone pre-martial sex and make it seem acceptable, especially with all of these awful diseases around, why not use your public voice to speak about the honor of virginity, the glory of saving yourself for marriage, the great joy of purity and chastity. Its amazing that this woman who is a role model to thousands of young girls in Brazil and wants to push upon them this culture of death.

Gisele, if she does not have money or does not want children then why not offer the only method that is 100% effective - abstinence- then you will not transmit disease and you will not have unwanted children.

Fact of the matter is Gisele I can show you a virgin, the Virgin Mary, who took the greatest stride to decrease herself so that God may increase, if more women took their cues from her instead of you, imagine where we would be.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Calling a Spade, A Spade

In case you have not heard GOOGLE (whom I'm sure most are familiar with) has introduced street level view's of a limited amount of cities-San Francisco Bay area, New York, Las Vegas, Denver and Miami- now I admit that when using the street level view it emits an creepy feeling for sure, but it seems there are bigger problems with this technology- such as allowing people to know what an abortion clinic is really all about.

Per this AP article an abortion clinic in Miami is a little upset with Google, per the article:

Eileen Diamond is hoping she can persuade Google to replace its current picture of a Miami street corner where protesters gather once a week to protest the abortions performed at A Choice For Women. The picture, still available on Google's maps Friday afternoon, includes a cluster of protesters standing outside the clinic, an image that clinic administrator Diamond worries will scare away potential patients or perhaps attract trouble makers to the facility.

"It's sort of disturbing because it's certainly not the kind of message we want to be sending out," said Diamond. "It's already very painful for our patients to come in. We want them to feel safe and protected."

So Ms. Diamond, you are worried about the "Image" of an baby murder mill? Im not sure even with enough sugar cane that you could candy coat an abortion mill.
If this is the kind of message that you do not want to be sending out then only one action will change that message, stop performing abortions! Yes it is painful for women to come into a place to commit legal murder, but there is no possible way for anyone to feel "Safe and protected" in an abortion clinic, most of all the innocent life of the child in the same room.

You don't like the feeling Ms.Diamond of your nice comfortable abortion office being violated you want to feel safe and secure, maybe that same safe and secure feeling of being inside the womb, the most safe and secure place on earth, until businesses like yours came around.

I understand your point of view Ms. Diamond, you are the proprietor of an establishment thats #1 business is murdering babies, and any negative connotations of such you wish to be swept under the rug- bad for business, at what point Ms. Diamond, Can I call a spade a spade?

Here is the Image (I took a screen shot for fear of Google Removing the Image):

Saint Michael, Protect Us!