Monday, June 18, 2007

Video for ICRSS Ordination PART 1

I am not a Professional Video Dude
I am not a member of the choir, and also partially known to be tone deaf,
there are also parts of the video that I forgot my missal and was somewhat off track

if you can drudge through these things Please enjoy PART 1 of the Ordination Video that took place last Friday.

God Bless you


bethalice said...

I cannot get the video to work. I must be doing something wrong. I wish we could have gone, but my car had other ideas.

Austin Hoang said...

Excellent blog! Very wonderful pictures you have taken. I tried taking pictures for myself, but couldn't get it to be clear enough inside the Cathedral Basilica. I'm glad there were many others to take for us!

Christopher said...

Is anyone else having trouble view the video?

Please let me know

Austin Hoang said...

Yeah, I too. I think you should reinsert it. I'm not getting any feedback either.

Christopher said...

Video has now been redone

Please try again

bethalice said...

I can now see it! Thank you! I will watch the whole thing tomorrow with my children.