Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Today - A Work Story

Today something very interesting happened to me at work, amongst the hustle and bustle of "Business as Usual", I heard a voice reach out to me...

I have been told when I was younger that (when I don't act against him) the Holy Spirit shines out through me, this is not to sound "Holier than Thou"-which I try and AVOID at all times- but I am named Christopher so I have always felt that plays into it. I also truly believe that Christ can shine through ANYONE if they let him.

With my recent renewal of faith, I have redone my cubical area, taken down all of my "Chiefs" possessions, Replaced them with 2 Rosary's (in case anyone wants to join me at work) and replaced my "Hot Rod" Calender with my Catholic Classical Painting's Calender from my neighborhood parish. I have Holy cards and picture's pinned up and also now displaying an beautiful desk Crucifix that was given to me by a Priest- something that was previously just put up collecting dust.

My actions are a reflection of the spiritual vigor I have found revived, and as such I have now earned the nickname of "Deacon" Christopher within my team at work. Partly as I was discussing my interest in the Deaconate but am still not old enough to enroll or "Aspire", and partly for me outwardly talking to people about their faith and mine.

During what was just another normal day at the office a team mate yells at me,
"Deacon Chris.. Will you Pray for me?"
I respond , "Of Course what do you need?", she just wanted God to divert her situation for now but would not get into specifics, I also reminded her that she must let go of it and give it to God and accept his answer either way, She acknowledged my response, but later on I could still see the distress in her face.

I'm not sure exactly what was going on but I waned to let her know that I was there to listen to whatever she was stressing over, I included her in my daily Rosary intentions and sent her an email just letting her know that she could come talk to me anytime, but if not- no big deal.

I hope readers can assess that I'm not trying to gather praise for praying for this girl or the way I express my faith at work, but to show that being there for someone, even someone you would least expect, can make a difference.

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Anonymous said...

You're right,

I think there is something to the name--my brother's name is also Christopher, and he is well-known at his workplace for his defense of the Faith and willingness to discuss morality with his co-workers:).

God Bless,

Embattled Catholic