Sunday, April 29, 2007

Points Taken From Sundays Homily- Life is Too Short

Today per the 1962 Missal, the Gospel told us of Jesus, being here a "little while" then gone a "little while" then back with us.

I attended the Mass of All Time today as I was visiting my family in Topeka. The Priest gave a very compelling homily.

What I would like to pass along to my readers is the plain and simple fact that we all know and we all take for granted.

Life is so short, we are here just a little while and we must use this time to prepare ourself for meeting our redeemer. Are you Ready to meet Jesus tomorrow in his kingdom?

Brothers and sisters bicker and fight, Husband and Wife argue over earthly things, why does one whole a grudge when Jesus told us to forgive as he has forgiven us.

We as a culture have become so attached to earthly materials and monetary goods, when we dont get what we want we get "Depressed", we don't turn toward God and ask him to help us with our sorrow we just think the Latest and greatest medication will cure us.

As a Catholic we should not have time to be Depressed, or angry, or hurt. Our time is so little here that our soul needs all the grace it can get in this little while here on earth.

Are you Ready to Meet Jesus Tomorrow?

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