Saturday, April 14, 2007

Great Kids CD

Stopped in a local traditional Catholic book store picked up a few things here and there my wife was needing a good mantilla as well but one of my unplanned purchases turned out to be my favorite.
It is a CD Titled "24 Catholic Songs For Children"

I Highly recommend it I have also decided to take it to work and listen to it there.. the Songs are so wholesome and pure as they speak the truths of our faith that I feel may be lacking to this generation.

Some Track titles include :

  • The Works Of Mercy
  • Why Did Go Make Us
  • Jesus, Our Redeemer
  • Look Out Little One
  • Daniel In the Lions Den
Not sure if its available online, but if you come across it I'd suggest picking up a copy.
(if you are in the KC area and have trouble locating a copy get in touch with me and I will point you to where I found it)


Augusta said...

Thanks for the tip! It was nice meeting you, your wife, and your children after Mass on Saturday! :-)

Augusta said...

I added you to the other bloggers on my site! :-) Welcome aboard! I enjoy reading your posts!

feistymuse said...

It IS available online at Our Lady of Victory homeschool and there is a coloring book available that goes along with it
Feisty Muse