Tuesday, April 24, 2007

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Philip Blosser - Scripture and Catholic Tradition: "The Missal of 1962 - A Rock of Stability"

I stumbled upon this GREAT post by Dr. Philip Blosser on his Catholic Tradition Blog,

The First Article on the page is a lengthy,detailed, and informative summery and account of the move from the 1962 to the 1965 Roman Missal, how the 1965 Missal was to prepare the Faithful for the New Order.

A Quick Excerpt:

In 1969 a new rite of Mass was promulgated in which, to paraphrase the bishops of the province of Westminster, prayers and ceremonies in previous use were subtracted, and the existing rite was remodeled in the most drastic manner. It was proclaimed triumphantly that this reform, better termed a revolution, would initiate a second Pentecost within the Church, but from the very beginning it initiated an unprecedented collapse in Mass attendance and Catholic life in general throughout the Western world
Also after the first post there is another that is just as good, another excerpt:
A Rite Histrionic and Disoriented

By Nicholas Postgate

The old rite stresses the unworthiness of the priest himself, and continually asks that he, and the rest of us, be made worthy by a divine initiative of mercy. The priest may well be vain or egoistic himself and that may affect his entire ministry, especially outside of liturgical functions; yet the classical order of Mass goes constantly against the grain of fallen nature, it constantly asks of the priest a self-abnegation out of obedience to the aw of the liturgy, it almost forces him to enter its rhythm and the lilt of its language, so dominating is the ceremonial aura. It would take a fairly corrupt priest to ignore, trifle with, or undermine the old ordo Missae.

Just a few articles I found that I thought others might enjoy. Please click the Link up top to Read the entire texts.

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hey jude said...

"So bring on the Tridentine Mass, and the new missal language, vernacular be damned. Make use of kneelers, and candles and incense, and if the service needs to be longer than an hour, let it. If it’s worthwhile, who will object? Make demands of your congregants. Give them reason to come, with sermons that don’t insult their intelligence and music that won’t make them groan. Pay musicians and singers if you must. A meaningful worship experience requires mystery and awe and beauty, all of which are conspicuously absent in too many churches today."
- i liked this from the article u sent