Sunday, April 22, 2007

Should every couple learn NFP?

Interesting question posted on the Catholic Answers Forums..

Should Every Couple Learn Natural Family Planning?

some examples of why He asks are:

The worry comes from a priest mentioning that a couple that decides to not plan out the children were being "stupid" despite if they felt they were trying to do God's Will. He mentioned that "the mother would end up with 5 little ones at once" if the couple did not use NFP.

I know it may be harder to learn a method when and if a serious reason arises, but would it be wrong to wait, especially if the couple feels it may be a temptation to be selfish?

Should every couple learn NFP? - Catholic Answers Forums

What I really liked was the answer:

"No one is obliged to use NFP. To be open to life and accept several children in a row is not stupid! Trying to do the Lord’s will is never stupid. People are free to use NFP or not. What they are not free to do is to contracept!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P."


Augusta said...

What's sad is that so many NFP programs are teaching couples how NOT to get pregnant, rather than how to use NFP to achieve pregnancy. I think so many Catholics today feel that NFP is their ticket to contracepting with the Church's approval, which is a.) wrong and b.) sad.

Beate said...

I'm not sure how to interpret Augusta's comment....surely if a program teaches when a woman is fertile that knowledge can be used to either achieve or prevent pregnancy? As far as your question, God has given us wonderful fertility signs and for many reasons it is good to be cognizant of them. I've been aware of my own fertility for 25 years and can't imagine being able to ignore it ;-) It is also helpful to know just when a child is conceived, as doctors often misjudge the actual age of a preborn baby. God bless you on your journey!!