Wednesday, April 11, 2007


With Divine Mercy Sunday coming up I wanted to touch on the subject of Love,

It seems today most people have a hard time loving, their spouse, children, neighbor, themself's and most of all God.

Love is a gift from God that we can freely accept or reject, if we chose to reject Gods love that does not mean that he stops loving us. We are told that God Infinitely loves us more than we love our self's

I feel in todays most secular society with the increase in depression, anger, suicide, these people are victims of rejecting Gods love, maybe not fully of their own choice- possibly were abused mistreated.. etc.. therefore have no love for self. let alone God. These people need to hear the Good work that God's love is infinite, ever loving ever forgiving, always there for you.

This message must be spread out to the most lonely, wretched soul's and we must find a way to show them God's love so that they fully feel it deep down where its possible no love has ever reached.

What are some ways we can express our Lords never ending love to those who have never felt true love?

How can I personify God's Love? Let Us Pray for Our Brothers and Sisters that If today they hear his voice, Harden Not their hearts.


Jude said...

love is hard.. but worth it ..

Dust I Am said...

Speaking from your heart is always effective, and you write effectively.