Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pope visits Brazilian drug clinic..

BBC NEWS | Americas | Pope visits Brazilian drug clinic
"He urged recovered addicts to be "ambassadors of hope" and said the clinic bore testament "to the Gospel of Christ amid a consumer society far removed from God"."
"At the clinic, which claims to have an 80% success rate and is run by Franciscan friars, patients receive spiritual guidance while working on a farm as beekeepers, milking cows or tending apple orchards."

This is awesome to see our Pontiff living the Gospel to some of the most meek of all mankind. It also seems these Franciscans have found how to recover the people not only in their physical ailments but spiritually as well, true works of mercy.

Each act of beekeeping, milking etc.. is an act of serving God in itself.

Along with our newest Saint Galvo this has turned into a very interesting trip to Brazil thus far, I am anxious to see whats next. Who knows maybe a Motu Proprio for a "Latin" Mass will come before he leaves this "Latin" Country.

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