Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Take...

First off, I would like to Thank WolfTracker and Dusty for their coverage of the "PlannedParenthood" yearly gala, with guest of honor the governor of Kansas, Kathleen"Cafeteria" Sebelius. I have been sharing their coverage with many at my work as well as with email, the pictures and information has been great thanks!

I listen to a "Mother Angelica Classics" The other night on the EWTN podcast's ( if you have never checked out their podcast's I highly recommend them) she was speaking of natural disasters, tornados, floods, and all the other calamities of sorts. We always deserve what God gives us, the good and the bad, now I'm not saying Greensberg Kansas was the cesspool of the nation, but one must take note of Kansas' affinity for these twisters in relation to the amount of babies that are murdered in this state each year. Further more we have a public figure claiming to be a member of the Holy Catholic church but refusing to help her brothers and sisters in Christ to protect the most innocent of life.

Per her statements in 1989 she has clearly made personal decision to not follow the churches teachings.

If you couple this with the pope's most recent comment to Catholic leaders who support the use of abortion and contraception, that they have excommunicated themselfs by support such evils

I pray that our priests recognize the offenders and refuse communion to these "Leaders", I often wonder sometimes if a "Most Wanted" Poster is needed in our parish's of pictures of the Vocal "Catholics" who openly support abortion and contraception to increase awareness of this.
I can not imagine any priest in the Topeka area willing to give "Cafeteria" Sebelius the Eucharist after all the evidence proving her support for the murder of the unborn.

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