Saturday, May 19, 2007

Pictures From Solemn High Pontifical Mass

Here are some Pictures, WolfTracker over at Kansas City Catholic has some additional ones as well
Enjoy!.. I sure did

Altar Before:

Altar After:

Taking First Vows


Moniales said...

Thanks for the photos. I was looking for some news. (I made my first Holy Communion with M. Therese's sister mannnny years ago!

2 corrections for your captions. I believe the Sisters were making 1st Vows and the postulant became a novice (white veil).

Thanks again. Please post more if you have them!

God bless you!
Sr. Mary Catharine

Christopher said...


Thanks so much for your comment and I have issued corrections right away,

I do indeed have more pictures and I will post some more shortly,

Thank you and God Bless you Too!

Anthony said...

Yo Christopher,
Sounds like you had a good time. Sorry I missed it. Keep me informed of other things going on and can't wait to see you and yours this next weekend.

Monk4ConceptionAbbey said...

Great pictures I was there to. I am joing the Monastery up at Conception Abbey, and I know Mother Therese and the Sisters REAL well. They are very beautiful young women who devote their lives for God....But I shouldn't have told you because you already knew that :-)