Friday, May 18, 2007

Baby found in freezer; Pa. woman charged

Baby found in freezer; Pa. woman charged:
"By JOE MANDAK - Associated Press Writer

A woman was charged with abuse of a corpse after police found the remains of a baby in her freezer.

Police charged Christine Hutchinson, 22, of Pittsburgh, after interviewing her Thursday evening, several hours after the remains were found in her apartment.

Officers got a tip from someone who knew Hutchinson that there was 'possibly a baby that was dead and was in a freezer in an apartment in Bloomfield,' a working-class neighborhood several miles east of downtown, Pittsburgh police Cmdr. Thomas Stangrecki said.

Detectives found what initially appeared to be a late-term fetus in a brown bag in the freezer, police said, though it wasn't immediately clear whether the remains resulted from a miscarriage, late-term abortion or a death shortly after birth.

But later, Lt. Daniel Herrmann said the abuse of a corpse charge applies only to human beings. Under the law, he said, a fetus is not considered a human being.

An autopsy was scheduled for Friday. Police said that they did not believe the death was recent but gave no further details.

Police also questioned the woman's ex-boyfriend but said they do not believe he was the father. He was not charged.

Hutchinson was in custody awaiting arraignment late Thursday"

This sad story poses a question for me, Why was it so hard to determine if this baby was " from a Miscarriage, late-term abortion or death shortly after birth"

its amazing that if this baby had just been aborted that this mother would not be in jail right now, but instead she kept the baby in the freezer for some unknown reason, we can all speculate as to why.
If this baby was found to have died after birth then the mother could be charged with a crime,

Only with Satan can one not explicitly call EVIL a EVIL and LIFE a LIFE

how can you differentiate, this baby was found dead in a Freezer, No matter how it got there it was WRONG and I hope whomever is responsible is Convicted for harming LIFE, Period.

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Anonymous said...

yea! i think that woman is a insane person and i think she shouldn't evan have a kid because if she's doing that putting a baby in a freezer and killing it. my opinion is that she is a very very sick person. and my question is why would she even do that to this poor littlfe inicent baby that doesn't deserve that and babies don't know any better.