Saturday, October 6, 2007

Your Such a Post-Trib...

A good friend of mine from High School met up with me for some drinks last night, we somehow got on the topic of faith and religion, now my friend is not religious by any means but he seems open to truth, From our discussions he says he can hear truth in some of what I have said and he said there is truth in what his buddy from work talks to him about.

My Friend wanted to share the CD with me that his work companion gave him, I of course took it and the CD was Labeled "Mystery 5 : Rapture" My poor friend is just so simple minded (in a good way) that he can be confused and led astray so easily, He does not understand the protestant concept of the Rapture, nor the Catholic rebuttal against it.

I find it very interesting that the "Old Paths" Baptist preacher admits around the 16min mark that he does not Understand everything he is going to teach, In one sentence he proclaims that scripture is all we need to uphold our faith, but then he proceeds to tell us that , todays talk is going to be regarding something that is almost all Bible based Christian faiths teach- He Makes sure to note that the Methodists, Episcopalians, and Lutherans no longer teach the rapture, also he emphasizes that the Catholic faith never has taught the rapture- Pastor even admits that the word Rapture isn't in the bible but its A-OK hes going to preach it to us from the Bible anyway... By 39min into it he is trying to get one of his parishioners to help him explain the Vulcan mind Melt

With the whole "Left Behind" Series overcoming many of our Catholic brothers and sisters, and false interpretations of scripture have swooned many from the one true faith, I thought I would share some media that you can pass around to your friends and family that may have bought into this silly idea of Pre-Mid- Post.. etc..etc..

Online Links: The Rapture (with Imprimatur)

Scripture Catholic - The Second Coming

Audio MP3's to Burn:

One True Faith TV Show Podcast - Episode 8 : The Rapture

Bible Christian Society- The Rapture and the Bible

Anyone have any other links or suggestions Stick Em in the Comments and I will update the post.


Anonymous said...

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JrJayhawk said...

I highly recomend the program on EWTN - The Journey Home. Wonderful program the features a conversion story each week from mostly former Prot. preachers. Very insightfull and full of resourses... WATCH IT !!!

Later Gator

Catholic Audio said...

Here's a rundown that'll knock the socks off a Bible-believing Rapture enthusiast:

For those with the inclination to do so, you can convert the YouTube streams into MP3 format using this program:

God Bless,