Thursday, October 4, 2007

Since you've been gone.

Yes I have been gone for quite some time, but I now return with an update of whats been going on.

I have quit my current Job and I start my New Job next week, This new job seems very promising and can open some new opportunities for me. My prayers for a new job have come to fulfillment (Deo Gratias!) I pray now that I am following the path that God has led me to.

In Local Catholic news Traditional Catholic Mom has beat me to the punch in Announcing a Missa Cantata in Lawrence at the St. Lawrence Catholic center.
I urge everyone who is in the area to fulfill their Sunday obligation at this Mass on 10/21

I will be posting more regularly in the days to come... Stay Tuned


Delena said...

Hey, sorry I beat you to the punch on posting the story (I was too excited!) but you DO have the cool graphic to go along with your story! :-)
Hope to see you this Sunday!

JrJayhawk said...

I would love to go with you Chris but I have a GIG that day. Have a good time and say hello to the JayHawk for me...