Wednesday, October 24, 2007

In my prayers

Photo: By Phil McCarten, Reuters.

Dear Readers-

Please pray for those in the path of these devastating fires.

This came across my wires today:

The fires continue to burn out of control ... additional evacuations havebeen called to the east of us. The fires are threatening to make a semi-circle around downtown San Diego, via the large north-south El Cajon Valley. I had thought previously the major threat was from the north; now it seems to be from the east: El Cajon and La Mesa. Another fire is burning to the south in Chula Vista, and threatening to join with the fires to the north and east, completing the semi-circle. At that point we will have noplace to go except into the ocean, if the fire climbs the west side of ElCajon Valley and starts to burn to the west, towards downtown. The winds are gusting to 100 mph in some places, so there's no telling what's going tohappen. We still have
electric power for the a/c and the breathing machines,but if the semi-circle is
completed, we won't. The stadium in Mission Valley is evidently already full of
refugees ... I don't know about the new onedowntown ... it hasn't been mentioned

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