Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sung Requiem Mass in Garnett KS

This just was confirmed to me today, If anyone can help them out that would be great!

If any readers are in the area and can attend please go show your support!

A Sung Mass in the Extraordinary form of the Latin rite will be
celebrated at:

Holy Angels

514. E. 4th Ave.,

Garnett, KS,

For All Souls' Day, at 7 PM on Nov. 2.

If you are not sure where Garnett KS is here is an Map to give you a better idea.

1 comment:

JrJayhawk said...

Great News Chris,
All the cool stuff happens up in your neck of the woods and Kansas. I had a friend from Garnett when I was at KU. Good Times. Oh well I hope you and/or someone can help them out....

Later Gator