Thursday, August 16, 2007

Conversations and Conversions

I have stated before I have been preaching the gospel at work mostly though my actions as St. Francis recommends and that has led to many conversations with mostly "non-denominational" protestants, I have mostly gained a higher respect from them for our faith and some have a sincere interest in the Catholic faith. They have realized what major misconceptions they have held and I have help them search for truth.

One of my co-workers has even ventured to attend the Extraordinary Mass with me, while she was rather lost during the mass she enjoyed it and is open to attending again.

What I would like to know in the comments is what are the big issues you face when you live your faith?

What are the Most common Questions you are asked and the most common practices you must defend?

God Love You


Delena said...

We've discussed homeschooling our children unless we can find a good Catholic school...we've faced opposition. We didn't get our son vaccinated due to the ethical reasons...we've faced opposition. We can't talk about our faith amongst family members...we face opposition. We've been called "Holier than Thou's". My husband's been told he's going to be the next Martin Luther because he's irritated with the abuses within the Church. And people have expressed their worry about a scism (spelling??) taking place within the Church because of the two different Masses. (Our Mass is better than your Mass, etc.)

Questions we're asked: "Why can't you hear the priest?"; "Why would a woman have to wear a mantilla?"; "Where's that in the Bible?"; "Aren't you being rather judgmental?"; "Aren't you being a little too picky?" (when it comes to the Mass).

Blessed are those who are persecuted, right?

Hey, good job on bringing the co-worker to Mass! Awesome!

Aimee said...

you should change your are 23 now.