Sunday, August 26, 2007

Liturgical Abuse

This past weekend I have Prayed at three Holy Mass' 2 of the three were "Ordinary" and One was "Extraordinary".

I regret to inform you that The two "Ordinary" were Full of abuses that I feel are way to common place in this day and age.

Some things I noticed this weekend at Ordinary Mass-

  • Guitar (Electric and Acoustic) Played for all "Hymns"
  • "Hymns" were composed by the Ex-Jesuit Dan Schutte whom has left the Priesthood for the Gay Lifestyle were sung throughout both Ordinary Mass
  • While The Dress of the parishioners attending the Mass was very immodest while the dress is not an Liturgical Abuse per Se.. I would say that it reflects the law of lex orandi, lex credendi
  • "Extraordinary Ministers" Entering the Sanctuary, Opening the Tabernacle and waiting behind the priest before the priest receives communion
  • "Extraordinary Ministers" Grabbing and Gathering the Consecrated host's after communion, scraping the crumbs of the Blessed Sacrament as the priest Drinks the ablutions after communion without gathering the spare particles.. the Priest then stood aside to watch the ministers finish Grabbing at the hosts and place them in the Tabernacle
  • The Priest asked for Applause for the Guitar "Choir" and for the lector, Servers, and Extraordinary Ministers.
  • Random Applause after the priest processed out, for the end of the last "Hymn"
  • No Homily was given at one ordinary mass.. instead a Video was played on the pornography initiative that the diocese Started MONTHS ago.. there was no follow up discussion or talk after the Priest.
  • an "Children's Liturgy of the word" took place during this anti-pornography video when the children returned they had in hand the coloring pages that they were doing during this time

All of this was seen of the course of this past Saturday and Sunday at two Catholic "Community's" in the Johnson County Area one of which brings in over $40,000 in monies per the 10+ page Bulletin with 3 Full pages of Advertisements. (This Community needs Teachers for their "School of Religion" Classes I have seriously given thought to Helping them out)

So why Do I bring this up... its simple .... I feel compelled to do something about it...but I'm not sure what... So dear readers I ask you how can I help change the tide in these parish's that are so geographically close to my home. I look for your suggestions in the comment box

Please Help Me.

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Rae said...

One can always write to the bishop.

Otherwise--and I think that this is our best bet--just continue to "do the truth in love" (and strive to do it more perfectly, as we all should)... With access to the TLM increasing, soon more and more people will notice that kind, serious, and prayerful Catholics (such as yourself!) tend to gravitate toward reverent Masses--and then they might be more likely to give reverence "a try".

Never underestimate the influence of a good example: it is often more powerful than rants and complaints... I think that you are already doing more than you realize!! :)