Friday, August 31, 2007

Two Steps Forward... One Step Backward

Today I would like to give my readers an Update on my Spiritual Life, Its amazing what transformation has happened in this short time, Since the catalyst of the passing of my grandmother. I have reverted to my faith, From clinging to the Extraordinary form of the Mass, the law of lex orandi lex credendi has really made an impact, aside from the Liturgical abuses in the previous post when I attend the Ordinary form, the Extraordinary form is truly changing my life.

I would venture to say that I have attended the Sacrament of Penance more in the Last 6 months then in my entire life as a Catholic before I fell away, This is a good thing through this sacrament I am changing habits that needed to be changed.

I have heard our Lord call me to visit him in Eucharistic Adoration, I have been praying the rosary with frequency, things have dramatically changed in the way we live and the company we keep.

With all of this it becomes more apparent the every day spiritual warfare that is being waged has increased as well- I can barley imagine what attacks the Holy Priest's are under on a daily basis as Msgr. Schmitz addressed at the First Mass of Fr. Avis- Sometimes the "Accuser" gets me down and it feels with every two steps forward I take to reform my life........ I take One step backward. This is something I'm afraid that will not end, but I pray when I come to the end of my Journey I have made the forward progress that Jesus wants for me.

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend

God Bless

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