Friday, August 17, 2007

30 Things From Me to You

Rae Over at Quo Vadis Has Tagged me for the 30 Things you may not know about me-
So here gos Nothing-

1- The Boy Pictured on the upper right hand is ME! on my First Communion with Father Eugene Grabner

2-I constantly Carry with Me a Copy of the Baltimore Catechism and the 1983 Code of Cannon law in PDF format on my Cell phone/PDA -1st Peter 3:15

3-I hate to go shopping for anything

4-I sometimes forget to control the volume of my voice- I get mighty loud pretty quick sometimes

5- Green is my favorite Color

6- I enjoy Swing Music from both old and new Bands

7- I have a Heavy Foot when I drive sometimes, as Ive gotten older I have learned to control it somewhat

8-Dark Beer is my Preference

9- I been to both Jordan and Syria but neither Trip had anything to do with the Military

10- I have been in the audience of JPII 3 Times- WYD 1993, 2000 STL-1999

11-I feel called to be a Catholic Deacon- but cannot go further with this calling until age 35

12- My Wife Is my Support system -I truly feel God made us for Each other

13- Anger for the most part is something very foreign to Me

14-I have 2 Sisters.. One Age 21 the other Age 7

15-I as well...Met my wife Online

16- We Usually Drive at least 20min to Attend Mass on any given Sunday.

17- Ghostbusters- My Favorite Movie of all Time!

18-I'm a Computer Geek- Ive tried professionally but prefer to keep it a hobby

19-Yard work is not my Forte

20- When I cry my Brown Eyes turn Green

(Wow this is harder than I thought)

21-During JPII's 1999 visit to St. Louis, I was privileged and honored to sit with the congregation of Bishops during his Pepsi Center Speech

22- I have been with my wife since we were 16 (feels like 10 min....underwater)

23-I am a HUGE Chiefs Fan...

24-I take NO prescription Medication

25-Tearjerker movies can really take a toll on me...

26- I came very close to getting my Black Belt in Karate and Tae Kwon Do

27- I am starting to learn how to Serve the extraordinary mass

28- I cant Get enough of Fr. Corapi or Archbishop Fulton Sheen

29- My two boys teach me more about myself each day

30- I am not going to ask to be tagged for one of these things again as it was way harder than I thought.....but will pass it on to anyone who asks


Rae said...

You and Aimee met online, too? That's terrific!!

And you almost had a black belt? Impressive! When we're all in a dark alley with Thetimman (see the comments to Deelena's "thirty things"), I want you on my side! :)

...This meme *is* a lot more difficult than it seems at first glance, I agree... After #15 or so, I was really struggling for something to write!

JrJayhawk said...

I bet I can come up with 30 more for ya but since I am a nice Uncle I wont. Ha ha ha. Just kidding. Thanks for sharing and many years to you and yours.


YoungCatholicSTL said...

You're a lot like like me. From dark beer to the deacon thing. Amazing... and creepy.