Saturday, June 9, 2007

A Place where we belong

It seems that most of those whom wish to follow Traditional Catholicism have encountered a roadblock or brick wall in regards to family members understanding our commitment to our faith,
just this morning My mother In Law informed my wife that " even if we didn't go to church that Jesus would still love us" , I'm sure that My mother in law is glad she did not say that to me.

Unfortunately this woman (my mother in law) is another topic for another time as I truly wish to avoid backbiting, but this problem seems all too common to those that wish to remain faithful to the Magestrium of the Church. Another Case in point is Augusta's Post-Beaten Down-, she has experienced some of the same rebuke from her family, although she is a convert this kind of angst is found in cradle Catholics such as myself and my wife.

Well, as we connect more and more with fellow parishioners we find this sense of unity that is sometimes lacking from even our own family. I feel it is much more than just a coming together of like minded individuals but rather a true gathering of members of the body of Christ, the Holy Spirit connects us to each other and we FEEL IT connecting to the depths of our soul. Its amazing what can happen when you really set yourself aside and let God use you to do his work, yes you will encounter those that will rebuke you and those that will ridicule but when you come out on the other side you will really find a place where you belong.


bethalice said...

Ah, yes! Been there done that. My children & I are the only Catholics. Recently I bantered a bit with my mother on a post on embracing grief on my blog. (My mom & I can actually talk about religion, and keep it to a charitable discussion.) My sister will "Harrumph!" and walk out of the room if there is the HINT of the mention of religion, especially if it is Catholicism (yet, she feels free to keep sending me religious chain letters - as if Jesus would stop loving me if I did not forward them to 10 people.) As for the rest of the family - I am the religious fanatic to them because I go to Mass each Sunday (or worse yet, during the week too), and pray before meals. I have come a long way, and now we have all come to an "understanding". I don't have to hide my faith (not that I ever did), and they no longer fear I am going to convert them (please do not tell them about the green scapulars I have hidden.) I could shove it down their throats, but where would that lead? I feel it more prudent just to live my faith, & ignore the snide remarks & "Harrumphs!"

Augusta said...

Excellent post, Chris.

Christopher said...

Thanks for the replys

I also think lots of prayer and maybe even some extra fasting for those that dont understand us, will go along way