Saturday, June 30, 2007

Romanian bishop: Eastern Catholics are a ‘despised minority’

This is quite an interesting story I found linked on the C.A. Forum
Bishop Botean gave a very good talk on the Schism between East and West here is a line that I particularly took note of....

Acknowledging that “ultimately it is God who has to bring about this unity,” Bishop Botean said, “God has his own plan. But maybe we have something that we have to do to cooperate in whatever God’s plan is. In any event, if it is our fault and we reach the year 2054 and have to look at each other [Orthodox and Catholics] from across a divided faith…as two separate churches, we will have nothing to say but ‘shame on us’ for allowing it to last for a thousand years.”
The Full Article is found here:Diocese Of Youngstown

A good prayer also found posted via the CA Forums was this:

O Merciful Lord Jesus, Our Savior, hear the prayers and petitions of Your unworthy sinful servants who humbly call upon You and make us all to be one in Your one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church. Flood our souls with Your unquenchable light. Put an end to religious disagreements, and grant that we Your disciples and Your beloved children may all worship You with a single heart and voice. Fulfill quickly, O grace-giving Lord, your promise that there shall be one flock and one Divine Shepherd of Your Church; and may we be made worthy to glorify Your Holy Name now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

-prayer for unity by Blessed Leonid Feodorov


bethalice said...

Hi Christopher!
Could you please explain that interesting image in this post?

Christopher said...


In Eastern Orthodoxy St. Christopher is sometimes iconized with the head of a Dog..

Not the best source but seems to have some good information is

God Bless

Anthony said...

Nice article you found Christopher. Is this the sort of future we as Trad Catholics look forward to? A kind of second class citizen in our own church? I hope not. But something to think about. See ya this weekend...