Tuesday, March 27, 2007

SSPX Responds To the coming motu proprio

Full Letter Here: http://www.sspx.org/superior_generals_ltrs/supgen_70.htm


If we closely consider the arguments advanced this time, especially by the French episcopate, but also at Rome and in Germany, one notices that the bishops in fact are afraid of this Mass. Even Rome is being extremely careful not to disavow Paul VI's reform while outlining the possibility of a return to the old Mass. The progressivists' fear is such that it is necessary [for Rome] to go to great lengths and to argue forcefully for broadening the permission for priests' to celebrate the Tridentine Mass. Certainly, that also explains why we have not yet received either thanks or a response to our letter from the Sovereign Pontiff or even the Vatican.

6. Ecumenism, liberalism, and this spirit of the world that defiles the Bride of Christ are still the principles animating the Conciliar Church. These principles kill the spirit of God, the Christian spirit. We must understand more than ever the roots of the crisis in order to keep ourselves from rushing blindly into the new situation that would be created by the motu proprio. Before thinking of the measures that will need to be taken for our canonical regularization, an in-depth discussion of these questions is indispensable. We hope that Rome at last understands our demand to see any discussions preceded by what we call our preliminaries or preconditions, one of which would be met by the motu proprio. For thirty years we have refused to take the poison; it is for this reason that we have been rejected, and it is still the condition (more or less hidden) that Rome imposes for accepting us. Ecumenism, religious liberty, and collegiality remain the points of contention over which we will not budge.

7. What we have been saying up to this point is just speculation. The concrete circumstances, that is, the actual terms of the motu proprio, may require other distinctions and clarifications.

Sounds like some things need to be ironed out before they are fully united back with the church,
but I'm glad they are keeping the lines of communication open.

It (the motu proprio) must be coming soon as this letter dated Feb 25th Was just Received today and I'm less than 50 Miles from where it was mailed

Keep Watch and Keep praying

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