Thursday, March 29, 2007

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

In my journey back home, I feel this Lenten season has been a fruitful one. My heart is really back where it should be,

In my faith rejuvenation I have come to better understand "walking the walk" in everyday life, maybe my adolescent brain could not fully comprehend the full way of the life of a Catholic man.

Anyone who has spoken to me about the way I drive will tell you that I am an angry driver, since my return to faith I have by the grace of God been a better driver to all, like wise at work or wherever I am I want to be known for my kindness and compassion.

Today further instances in my life of the actions of a Christian man

  • A Kind parishioner came up as we were walking in for Mass and Benediction this evening and handed us a full CD Set of the Lenten Mission by Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea - Gone through 2 discs so far and its great! Thank you and God Bless I will pass these on for sure!!!
  • After The Perfect Sacrifice of the Mass was over I was greeted by another Christian and he wanted to welcome my family to the parish and community. Its awesome to feel that welcome, Thank you I will pray that God affirms these virtues in me. It turns out he has to drive 25-30min to assist at mass too!

It is by our actions that others will find truth

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