Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Since its an Election Year....

With Osama Bin Bama in the area and Mrs. and Mr. Clinton trying to earn your vote, and since the Candidate that I feel would be the best for this country does not get the coverage he deserves. What is an ill informed voter to do?

Get the Catholic Answers "Voters Guide for Serious Catholic's"
this guide goes in depth and is sure to guide your conscience to make the best Catholic choice for this Election Year.

I am still undecided but I'm sure this guide will help me along, Our dear bishops at the USCCB has one as well but... well... um... its the USCCB... so I will concede to the Thumper rule in this case.

To Close I shall quote the New Catechism on this topic:

"Duties of civil authorities

2235 Those who exercise authority should do so as a service. "Whoever would be great among you must be your servant."41 The exercise of authority is measured morally in terms of its divine origin, its reasonable nature and its specific object. No one can command or establish what is contrary to the dignity of persons and the natural law.

2236 The exercise of authority is meant to give outward expression to a just hierarchy of values in order to facilitate the exercise of freedom and responsibility by all. Those in authority should practice distributive justice wisely, taking account of the needs and contribution of each, with a view to harmony and peace. They should take care that the regulations and measures they adopt are not a source of temptation by setting personal interest against that of the community.42

2237 Political authorities are obliged to respect the fundamental rights of the human person. They will dispense justice humanely by respecting the rights of everyone, especially of families and the disadvantaged.

The political rights attached to citizenship can and should be granted according to the requirements of the common good. They cannot be suspended by public authorities without legitimate and proportionate reasons. Political rights are meant to be exercised for the common good of the nation and the human community."

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