Friday, January 11, 2008

Life on this rock

As January 22 Approaches and the anniversary of Roe V Wade nears, many events both for and against life are scheduled for that day. WolfTracker has smelled the situation here in Kansas City
but the flip side to this coin is that In Topeka, there will be this going on:
You can check out Kansans for Life web site for more information at :

In this world the gift of new human life comes to many, there are many who ache to have a child of their own, I would like to share with you 1 Hour of a Call in radio program called "Catholic Answers Life" some of you may already know of it.

This hour is titled: "A Former Abortionist Tells All" -Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Levatino

Their story is gripping, and moving, Dr. Levatino shares with you his story of being an everyday abortionist, to holding his own dead child in his arms
Please give it a listen

Download Link : Here

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