Friday, July 13, 2007

Small Talk

Sorry for the Long delay, with all the overtime I have been putting in at work its been a rough week, but I would like to share with you some bits and pieces of a conversation that I had with a friend of mine regarding The Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum.

Father is a Roman Catholic Priest who had been ordained after Vatician II and was never instructed in the Extraordinary form. Father is an Diocesan Priest in the southern United States. I have been having discussions with him since I was in about 8th Grade and he has even come to visit me once here in KC.

Please keep him in your prayers

Heres the Snippits:

Christopher: Id be interested of your plans of addressing the Motu Proprio in your parish

Father: I'm going to explain what the document means: that it is the Holy Father's way of explaining the role of the Traditional Latin Mass in the modern Church, and that no one need fear in the least that the modern form of the Mass will disappear. I will explain to them that if they don't want to be part of this, all they need to do is stay away from it....that there are actually TWO forms of the Roman Rite, and that the Traditional Latin Mass is one of those forms....equal in dignity with the modern form I will have to work diligently to avoid using the term "rites," as in "former rite" and "modern rite." The proper terminology according to the Holy Father is that there are two FORMS of the one RITE.

Christopher : it Does have that little "extra".. ;-)

Father: Yes it does.

Father: This is the chance for [some] to show their true colors once again. This [M.P.] will do nothing whatsoever to them, but they will still be totally ballistic over the fact that the traditional Catholics are finally being pastorally cared for by their own Church!

Christopher: is that why you are asking those that dont want anything to do with it to stay away?

Father: It will demonstrate.... that they are just bitter....if they object to this, because the point will be that no one has any reasons whatsoever to object. Those who have a kneejerk reaction to anything "pre-Vatican 2" can solve their problem by just staying away from it....They need to...... let the traditional Catholics finally be pastorally cared for.

Father seems to have a good point of view here, he is already preparing for this fight we are going to have to save our traditions, in a religion where Tradition is what sets us apart from the rest of the world those that want to see us falter will attack our Traditions first. If we are so easy to dispense with Tradition almost anything could be done away with just as simply.

Summorum Pontificum, is a great start for the reform of the reform, we must pray for all our Priests to guide us through the turbulent waters.

Msgr. Schmitz reminded us during his magnificent homily of the first mass of Fr. Talarico that the Devil is constantly attacking our priests and for all the trials and tribulations we face in our every day life, nothing will compare to the attacks on the priesthood.

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