Monday, November 5, 2007

My Trip to the University of Notre Dame

I returned Sunday night from South Bend Indiana. I was fortunate to take a weekend trip to the beautiful college campus of Notre Dame du Lac , The not so fortunate part was I was witness to history, that is the witness to the Fighting Irish give up a 43 Game winning streak to the Navy Midshipmen. Overall though I was thoroughly impressed with the campus and the Catholicity of the college. I was even Blessed to attend the newly restored Extraordinary Mass in the dorm of Alumni.

(Future Kansas City Chief Ring of Fame inductee- Jim Lynch)

The Extraordinary Mass way Prayed by a Holy Cross Priest the Mass was a Missa dialogata and I was rather impressed with the turn out for a 8 a.m. Mass the day after a football game. Before mass there was a welcoming announcement from the Priest that this was his first mass in the extraordinary form in 40 years, He informed us that he was going to go slow, read the rubrics, and try his best, he stated he had practiced some but was just not the same as actually doing it, he apologized for any mistakes ahead of time. He gets an "A" for effort from me!


Delena said...

EXCELLENT photos! Thanks for sharing! How fortunate you were to be there! Did your family attend the Latin Mass with you? If so, how did they feel?

Christopher said...

My sister and my Grandpa both went with me to the Mass,

They have both been before, unfourtunatly my sister states that the Extraordinary mass "Just isnt for her"

Rae said...

The photographs are gorgeous!! Thank you so much for posting them... Don't be surprised if you find that I've kept this page open on my desktop for most of the day! :) Thank you, too, for saying such nice things about the campus, since it's close to my heart.

And I'm glad that your sister was at least willing to try the TLM. Who knows?--maybe she'll return some Sunday, after all! My first TLM was a bit of a shock to me, too.

Christopher said...

Thanks for your compliments on the photos, the campus was really nice, way better than what i was expecting, Not as "in your face" liberal as I had envisioned. The students seemed genuine, overall I had a great time, My sister even took me to Flannigans ( are you familer with it?)

Hopfully my sister gets accepted into an graduate law program at ND and I will get to visit her again sometime.

Mary Liz said...

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! (except for the game) From the perspective of your shots of the game it looks like you were sitting not that far from my father and sister who were also in town and who were also at the TLM the next day. :-)
If your ever in town again, let us Traddies know!
Also, would you mind emailing your pics from the Mass to me? We'd love to keep them for the records - if it's ok with you of course.


hey jude said...

i took you to Finnigans!