Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Eucharist

The Eucharist- The word literally means "Thanksgiving"

I can not imagine a better way to celebrate the secular Holiday of Thanksgiving than participating in the Eucharist.

The true presence of Christ under the appearance of bread and wine is something truly amazing, and something too many people seem to be so nonchalant about.

Clergy, and layman - even I catch myself from time to time not staying in the correct state of mind when I meet Jesus in Holy Communion. I can even think back to the few times as a teenager where my mom would seem like "FORCE" me to go to mass on Sunday after I had missed for many months, and I would just receive the Eucharist like everyone else, stick my hand out and eat it, not going to confession, not living in a state of grace, probably committing mortal sins once I got home. For Shame

With my reversion though that I have been striving more and more to encourage everyone that I come into contact with to go and participate in the Eucharist, and If they are Catholic to be in a state of grace to receive our Lord, sure this seems like elementary, First communion information here but we as sinners must be reminded of exactly how prepared our souls must be to accept the Body and Blood of Jesus.

Speaking with a fellow Catholic at work, we went out to lunch together one day and we started discussing our faith, I was impressed with his vigor for our common faith and even though he was a cradle Catholic, he would speak of the Eucharist as a fresh convert. This really stayed with me, and I pray that all of us may have that passion and vigor for Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.

Happy Thanksgiving May Yours be Safe, and Blessed

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