Monday, September 10, 2007

Light Blogging - Off Duty

Light Blogging til Next week

Heading back to Saint Louis this up coming weekend

Any suggestions for maybe some things I missed on my Previous trip to the Gateway City?

Leave your Suggestions in the Comments.


Alissa said...

What kinds of things? Is your whole family going? Have you taken the kids to the City Museum and The Magic House children's museum? They are great places we're planning on taking our kids to this year.

Christopher said...

Yes the kids and Wife are coming too.. even my Little Sister

Have not been to either of those places.. I will have to check them out


Tim said...

The City Museum and Magic House are a little expensive to take a whole family. I suggest the St Louis Zoo and the Science Center. Both are free and the Zoo is excellent, better than Kansas City's if you ask me.

Also, Grant's Farm in south St Louis County is fun for kids and also free.

Hope you have fun.

JrJayhawk said...

Bring me back something too. Have a safe trip and drive carfully. Especialy in the city...


Christopher said...

Will do Jr

thetimman said...

grant's farm is nice.

for religious stuff, try the shrine of st. joseph just north of downtown.